Performance declaration or DoP

Since July 1st, 2013, the European Regulation of Construction Products (Construction Products Regulation, in summary CPR), which replaces the Directive of Construction products, becomes fully applicable.

One of the key elements of the CPR is the performance declaration (“DoP” for  Performance Statement ) to be drafted by the manufacturer or distributor and in which are indicated their product performance.

To respect the objectives and the spirit of the new European Regulation of Construction products, while guaranteeing the best conditions of transmission of the DoP, we have put on our web site our DoP for all our marketed products.

Volatile Organic Compounds or VOC

Since January 1st, 2012, construction and decoration products are provided with a label which indicates, in a simple and readable way, their emission level in volatile pollutants.

The products concerned with this new regulation are construction products or wall coatings to be used inside, as well as products used for their integration and application. Partitions, floor coverings, insulations, paints, varnishes, paste, adhesives, etc.. are concerned and especially if they are used inside.

The emission level of the product is indicated by a classification going from A+ (very low emission) to C (very strong emission), according to the principle already used for the household electrical appliances or the vehicles.

The major part of our wallcovering products are A+


Forest Stewardship Council or FSC

The FSC is a environmental  standard to ensure that the production of wood or a product with wood is in line with the  procedures which guarantee a sustainable forest management.

This initiative reassure the consumers that the based wooden products (wooded floors, furniture, paper…) that they buy, do come from a forest which is managed in a long lasting and responsible way.

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