A few tips to avoid hanging problems

Decoration tips | Décembre 16

If you follow our instructions and prepare the walls very carefully before hanging, you will have perfect results.

You can however experience a few problems during hanging but we do have solutions which will allow you to get rid of them very easily:

1) Air bubbles

The appearance of air bubbles is definitely a common problem when hanging wallpaper. It is important to smooth out the maximum of air bubbles during hanging but if you discover these ungracious little bubbles later on, it is not too late to get rid of them:

If the paste is not dry, you can pierce the bottom of the bubble with a thin sawing needle. Withdraw the needle very gently whilst pressing on the bubble to get rid of the air and smooth the paper.

If the paste is already dry, you can use a pre-filled syringe to put a more liquid paste into the bubble before smoothing out the wallpaper.

2) Paste Surplus

Paste surplus can leave nasty stains on the wallpaper, it is therefore important to get rid of them very quickly:

If the paste is not dry, act quickly by using a slightly damp sponge with preferably tepid water and softly rub the wallpaper. If the paste is dry, you will have to use a small spatula to unstick the surplus before rubbing gently with a damp sponge.

3) Paste is drying too quickly

When the plaster is still new, the wall tends to soak the paste too quickly and it will be difficult to hang the strips which will come unstuck. The solution is to give the wall a primary coat of paint before hanging.

4) Wallpaper strips tend to slip

The wall is perhaps greasy, dusty or unstable. It is recommended to thoroughly wash and rinse the old paints and paste surplus or to use a regulator or fixing spray paint to strengthen the wall.