Hanging wallpaper : follow the instructions

Decoration tips | Novembre 16

Once you have prepared your walls very carefully, it is time to hang your wallpaper, following the easy process below, step by step:

 1) Strip cutting

Please measure from bottom to top from the skirting board the wall height and cut the first strip adding five centimeters for the finishing touches. If you have chosen random wallpaper, you can cut all the strips to the same measure, and stack them.

If you have this symbol ↑↓on the label which recommend to reverse hang the strips, you will need to mark each one of them at the back with a pencil to identify them. If the wallpaper has a repeat, it is advisable to cut the strips one by one to avoid making a mistake.

2) Pasting

The wallpaper has to be put on a big surface, if possible a pasting table. It is essential to use a good quality pasting brush so that the paste is spread evenly.

Paste the first half of the strip always beginning at the centre towards the edges and checking that all the surface is well covered. Fold up the pasted part but without creasing it. Proceed in the same manner for the second half of the strip, then roll the whole lot without squeezing it too much and leave it to rest 5 to 10 minutes according to the wallpaper thickness.

 2) Pasting for non-woven wallpaper

If you have chosen non-woven wallpaper, you will only have to use the adequate paste on the wall with a brush or a non- drip roller.

 3) Hanging the first strip

You should hang the first strip along a door or window opening. It is essential to draw a perfectly vertical line by using a plumb line at 50 cm from the angle or doorway. This dimension is correct for  53 cm width wallpaper and can therefore vary according to the width (strip width minus 3cm).

Unfold the higher part of the strip and place it on the wall, along the line by allowing it to extend beyond 3 cm at ceiling level. Get rid of the air bubbles by using a brush or a dry cloth from the centre to the edges. Once this is done, unstick delicately the bottom of the strip and proceed in the same manner.

 4) The following strips

Hang the second strip taking the first strip as an example and using the same process. If you use wallpaper with a repeat, please check that the patterns are matching perfectly before sticking. Use a cloth or a wallpaper brush if the wallpaper is embossed to avoid flattening it. Please proceed in the same manner for the remaining strips.

5) Finishes

Every 3 or 4 strips, put a fold on the paper along the ceiling and the skirting board with a wallpaper knife. Cut the paper edges very carefully, using a Stanley knife and a slat along the skirting board and scissors along the ceiling. Get rid of the excess paste by using a damp sponge.