To be able to read a wallpaper label

Decoration tips | Novembre 16

If you have already bought wallpaper, you surely have noticed that there is always a label with each roll. It is essential to understand every symbol and indication to avoid buying the wrong quality and to be able to calculate the number of rolls you need. We have for you a little summary of the different symbols:

Papier epongeableSpongeable wallpaper which means that you can use a damp sponge.
Papier lavableWashable wallpaper means you can use a damp sponge and soapy water but without rubbing it.
Papier lessivableSuper washable wallpaper means you can use a damp sponge with soapy water and you can rub it slightly.
Papier brossableScrubbable wallpaper means that you can clean it often with a detergent but without solvent.
colle au dosThe paste must be applied to the paper.
colle au murThe paste must be applied to the wall.
préencolléPre-pasted wallpaper means that it has to be put in water during 30 to 60 seconds before being hanged on the wall.
vinyleThe top vinyl coat can be taken off during removal of the old wallpaper but the under coat remains stuck on the wall.
sans raccordRandom or free match wallpaper
avec raccordStraight match wallpaper (on a horizontal line)
avec raccord sautéHalf drop wallpaper (pattern repeat every other strip)
inversionReverse hang one strip out of two
peu lumiereWallpaper suited for rooms little or not exposed to the light
lumiere modéréeWallpaper suited for rooms exposed moderately to the light
bcp lumiereWallpaper suited for rooms strongly exposed to the light

The roll label also contains the roll reference and the batch number. It is essential to check that all the rolls have the same batch number to be sure to always have the same colour. Check also the type of paste recommended by the manufacturer. These symbols and references help you choose the right wallpaper, the one which is perfect for the room you intend to decorate and to use the right paste and hanging instructions.

For the other symbols relating to the quality standards, please go to the page on standards on our website.