To choose a paste for wallpaper

Decoration tips | Novembre 16

You have bought your rolls, the walls have been prepared and you are ready to hang the wallpaper. You still have to choose the right paste to make sure that your decorating project becomes reality. The choice of paste is essential as it is a guarantee for a perfect finish and reduces the risks of unsticking. You definitely have to buy a paste which is suitable for the wallpaper you have chosen:

You have to use a standard wallpaper paste for:

  • light wallpapers
  • spongeable and washable wallpapers
  • wallpaper borders to hang on a naked wall or on wallpaper

You have to use a vinyl paste for:

  • heavy and thick wallpapers
  • embossed or raised wallpapers
  • wallpapers which can be painted
  • super washable wallpapers

You have to use a special paste for vinyl borders for a better fixing power (cellulose paste). You also need a special paste for non-woven wallpaper (the paste being applied directly to the wall and not to the wallpaper)

It is essential to strictly follow the instructions indicated on the paste packaging and to prepare the mix according to the levels corresponding to the wallpaper quality. Please mix the paste and water until the lumps vanish and leave it to rest before using.

If you follow these instructions, you have the guarantee to hang your wallpaper with the right paste. You will avoid being disappointed during the wallpaper hanging but also later on. If the paste is not suitable, your wallpaper might become unstuck, have stains appearing and might become yellow.