Wallpaper border : needs to be hanged properly

Decoration tips | Mars 17

The current trends of interior design play on textures and colours. You can do what pleases you and it is possible to combine painted and papered walls as well as plain and patterned wallpaper.

The wallpaper border is a real asset of decoration as it allows you to split a wall into two which means that you can use a different colour or wallpaper or reduce the height of a very tall wall. Wallpaper border can also be a decoration in itself when it is hung on a naked wall, around a door, a fireplace or furniture to give an unusual look to a child’s bedroom for example.

How to hang a wallpaper border?

  • You need to decide at what height you wish to hang it. It is advisable to hang it at one third of the wall but feel free to use your imagination. However you should avoid having to cut it round a switch or a plug.
  • Prepare the wall where the border will be hung (should be clean, dry and free from dust and grease and should not be shiny or lacquered). With a pencil please make some dots for the height all along the wall or room and join the dots by means of a slat or a spirit level.
  • Paste the border and hang it by beginning at an angle of the room or the edge of an opening. Unroll it along the line (please make sure you hide the dotted line under the border).
  • Finish the work by wiping off any excess of paste with a damp sponge.
  • Most of our borders are now self-adhesive which makes hanging easier and quicker.