Which wallpaper type and which colour for each room?

Decoration tips | Avril 17

There is no accounting for taste and you can give free rein to your imagination and offer yourself the decoration of your dreams. It is however necessary to respect certain rules which will allow you to appreciate your home better and to give it a warm and friendly touch.

However, the choice of wallpaper depends on the house direction, facing south or not, the use and size of the room as well as the height of the ceilings.

1) How to choose the colours?

Warm colours like yellow or orange will bring some light in the colder rooms facing North.

In the rooms facing South or West which benefit from a good natural light, you can favor fresher colours like blue and try trendy tones, like anise green to combine with taupe or chocolate.

You can choose softer and more natural tones in rooms facing east, like light grey tones, off white or linen which can be combined with warmer tones.

As a general rule, be aware that blues bring softness but tend to cool a place, greens have a soothing effect, reds are very bright, yellows bring plenty of light in the living area and browns offer a nice balance.

Wallpaper creates an atmosphere which allows you to choose a different colour according to the room. You can choose for your bedroom, light colours and natural tones which invite you to rest.  Please try patterns in arabesques or velvety wallpaper for a glamorous lounge. You will prefer lively and cheerful colours, stripes or geometrics in the kitchen.

And to create more space in very small bathrooms, you can have walls in different colours.

2) How to choose the patterns?

By choosing plain wallpaper, you take no risk and if the tone is neutral, you will not tire of it and it will go very well with most homes. If you prefer patterned wallpaper, it is better to go for small designs if the room is small and, on the contrary, for bigger designs if you wish to reduce the space.

If the ceiling is low, please choose wallpaper with vertical stripes which will give you the impression that your walls are stretching out.