Children's rooms which look like them

Trends & Tips | Novembre 17

Even before its birth, baby’s room is ready to welcome it and to offer all the sweetness and heat which will reassure and help it to fall asleep. We invite you to discover our range of heavenly wallpapers representing small lifeless clouds or stars which will allow baby to fall asleep and to have sweet dreams. If this cocooning is ideal for babies and small children, it is no longer suitable for older children and teenagers. It is therefore necessary to change the decoration of their room by listening to their wishes. It is indeed important that the child feels good in his small universe so that he can play, rest and, later on, study in the best conditions. This is why we propose a wide choice of wallpapers for today’s teenagers.

An invitation to travel

Most teenagers dream about escaping, travelling in the world big cities, crossing the road 66 and attending music festivals all over the world. Before letting them leave for road trips, you can change their room into a New-York loft or a London studio by choosing its own decoration in our urban wallpaper collection.  Big Manhattan photos, suggestive street or district names like Greenwich Village, Brooklyn Square or 5th Avenue, British flags, double-decker buses, red phone boxes…so many designs which will make them dream.

Urban street look

Very modern, Urban Street wallpaper attracts teenagers by its trendy look and its graffiti style designs. You can complete the decoration by a few boards of skateboard, a guitar, enameled street name plates, wooden furniture which can be painted in the main colours of the room.Let your child personalize his decoration with posters, concert tickets, festival bracelets and friends ‘photos which will remind him of the best holiday moments and of his leisure activities.Boys and girls will achieve their full potential more easily in a universe which looks like them. It is important to choose with them, into our assortment, a children or teenager wallpaper which will suit them.