Original and trendy, our wallpapers become bold

Trends & Tips | Février 17

You want to change your decoration and you are looking for different ideas to give your environment a unique character that looks like you? We suggest that you discover our range of bold wallpapers

A neo-industrial loft

A perfect mix of old and new, the neo-industrial style is excellent to give a certain character to a loft or a small flat. Prepare yourself to keep some interesting  old part of the building and  hunt for some antiques to discover an old workbench, an architect writing desk or old metallic window frames which you will turn into either a table, desk or mirror according to your wish. To give it the final touch, we offer you wallpaper with bolts and nuts in grey tones which will marry perfectly with your wired lights and metallic cupboards.

A designer look

Very contemporary, the designer look features sober and refined furniture made in modern materials including chrome, plastic and glass, or more unexpected, cardboard. Do not hesitate to add a few colour touches by adding some cushions which will give extra warmth to the room. Bold “trompe l’oeil” wallpaper will be perfect on one of the walls and will give it an unmistakable character.

To each room, its own decoration

The wide choice of our bold wallpaper will allow you to personalize each room of the house or flat. We do suggest, in particular, surprising wallpaper, in partnership with Jean Charles de CASTELBAJAC, with envelopes in bold colours. This will be perfect for a private or professional office and will emphasize white furniture. You can also use this wallpaper to decorate a dark corridor. And for your bedroom, we will take you into the clouds with wallpaper in bold colours which will invite you to rest a while, whilst being very original.