The Brick effect wallpaper, a stylish decoration

Trends & Tips | Mars 17

If you are looking to decorate the walls of your office, entrance hall or lounge, try to be daring by choosing wallpaper with a brick effect which will give character and personality to the room. The “trompe l’oeil” wallpaper, either the brick effect or the wooden planks, will enhance your furniture,  whatever its style. It is perfect to decorate a teenager’s bedroom, business premises or a corridor and it gives a special look to unusual houses like lofts.

Industrial loft

Often settled in the heart of the cities, the lofts have more spacious rooms than traditional houses and invite you to use your imagination for the decoration. Do not hesitate to keep the pillars, the stained glass windows and the visible metallic structures which give all its character to the building.  To emphasize and to keep the natural look of your house, we recommend brick effect wallpaper. You can create several areas there without dividing them but by adding some brick effect wallpaper strips which will separate the kitchen from the dining room or the TV corner. By arranging the furniture reminding us of the industrial furniture like metallic lockers and cloak rooms, a workbench changed into a working desk or big thread bobbins instead of occasional tables, you will give the place an unusual and friendly character. You can finish the decoration with old looking posters or a big wall clock.

Urban style

The brick effect wallpaper will also go very well with an urban style decoration, reminding us of New York lofts. By choosing, for example wallpaper with white bricks, you will give volume to a teenager’s bedroom or to a small flat. You can choose a few photos and world-wide city posters,   and do not hesitate to mix new and old things to give your loft a recycling, industrial, urban look.