Tile wallpaper in a "new style"

Trends & Tips | Novembre 17

Very fashionable at the beginning of the 20th century, tiled walls today are mainly seen in kitchen and bathroom. Mosaic or cement tiles are coming back into fashion and interior designers are using them again in the living rooms. We do suggest that you also take advantage of this new trend, without upsetting your living room too much, by choosing tile imitation wallpaper directly inspired from travels in faraway countries which can be perfectly combined with all furnishing styles.

Wallpaper with Far Eastern emphasis

Wallpaper with oriental arabesque tiles does suit perfectly a living-room or kitchen. It does marry as well with modern furniture, sober and uncluttered, as with exotic wooden furniture and handicrafts brought back from your holidays. A copper tray, a tea-set, paisley patterned fabrics or colored cushions will create a small cosy space in your lounge. According to your wishes, the type of room to be decorated and the style of your decoration, you can choose wallpaper in either warm colours like red or orange or in colder tones like blue or grey. In a few minutes you will find yourselves carried away in a Moroccan RYHAD or in old Lisbon.

Wallpaper for your kitchen

For your kitchen or bathroom, we suggest that you put tile imitation wallpaper on one or several walls to give the room a very trendy vintage look. This cement or mosaic tile wallpaper will also find its place in a corridor or a lounge. You can choose a kaleidoscope effect design very fashionable in the sixties and revisited by today’s interior designers. If you are afraid of overloading the room by choosing tile wallpaper, we suggest that you only cover the top of the wall and paint the bottom in a plain colour. A small molding can separate both parts while offering some elegance to the room. Tile wallpaper allows you all fancies and it is up to you to imagine the room of your dreams by playing with the different colours and textures offered in the range.