Trends & Tips | Mars 20

In decoration as in fashion, trends change or renew themselves over the years. Some are timeless, others emerge or are confirmed.

Finally, what is decoration? It is the search for personalization, the creation of an atmosphere that is sometimes refined, sometimes daring. In all cases, it reflects our personality, our experience, our past which also dictates who we are.

Vintage still as current as ever

This explains why, when nostalgia holds us, the desire to recreate the atmosphere is there. In the spirit, colours and patterns are reinvested but the wallpapers benefit from the latest technical innovations. Vintage wallpapers that are inspired by flowers or Art Deco style,  Naïve floral motives. The codes dear to the 70’s are back in the spotlight. Colours are on the rise, orange and blue at the top, and geometric shapes are getting rounder. All that’s missing is the crackle of a good old Beatles vinyl: you can already see yourself there.

Ethnic chic & Travel recup’

The cosmopolitan city-dweller is driven by a desire for adventure. Here, it is a question of transposing artistic elements of all origins into the decoration: Aztec statuette, bronzes, ceramics or pottery. The aim is to offer the emotion of a change of scenery on a daily basis and to create a refuge, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, by seeking balance through a simplified décor. We play here on mineral shades with warm and natural colours. Thus, terracotta, orange, ochre (51192802) and other hunter green or bottle green will face dark beiges with caramel accents. The common thread of this trend is the mix between art and nature which aims to escape the ordinary and perfect its cocoon for winter. How will you tell me? By bringing a wild side to your interior, in the image of the feline for a “jungle chic” atmosphere. Or by focusing on wall weavings inspired by African craftsmanship.

In 2020, natural materials are still as present as ever: rattan, wicker, hemp, woven, terracotta but above all wickerwork (51194107)

Renewal of the Scandinavian style

Less refined, it will be more textured and oversized. The curves will be drawn and rounded. The colours remain soft and faded (51177213): pink but also parma and faded green.

However, the colours contrast with greedy reds or emerald greens like in contemporary paintings.

Utopia and fantasy

In 2020, we can also expect to discover a world based on dreams. Imagine a slightly extravagant poetic atmosphere that brings joy and inspiration. Flowery and acidic, the decoration will be sparkling and soft at the same time. In some cases, you will find airy blue, lilac purple, velvet pink, aqua green, but also yellow or grey clouds. The audacity will be the order of the day with perfect multi colours with a fashionable coral touch. The extraordinary becomes normality in a hyper realistic spirit.

A year that promises to be rich in diversity so that everyone can find their own decoration solution.

But don’t hesitate to mix and match these trends to break the codes and, above all, give yourself a treat. A sofa with rounded curves will perfectly fit a wall with vintage flowery wallpaper and will perfectly match a hand woven Berber carpet or a rattan light; In short: DARE!