Wallpapers inspired by nature for a trendy look

Trends & Tips | Janvier 17

Among the various trends within the wallpaper collections, patterns inspired by nature are very popular and have found their place in our living rooms, bedrooms and winter lounges. With Scandinavian furniture, exotic or Zen-like, wallpaper depicting nature offers peace and a breath of fresh air. Depending on your tastes, you can decorate the whole room with wallpaper or create a green wall or choose one or two layers with large patterns to hang on a plain wall.

When nature becomes lush

Perfect for decorating a loft or a flat with large living areas, wallpaper with vegetal patterns invites nature to enter your room. If you choose very busy wallpaper with fern, flowers or foliage, we advise you to go for sleek furniture, rattan for the living room or bedroom, a few wooden decorations, transparent voile for the windows and polished floor. The difference between the sobriety of the decoration and the exuberance of the wallpaper will create a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.

Nature in small touches

If the room to be decorated is small, we recommend you to use the nature inspired wallpaper without covering all the walls in order to avoid a stifling atmosphere. You can, for example, cover one wall or put a layer of wallpaper on one naked wall in order to highlight a piece of furniture. This solution is good for all furniture and gives a modern look to the most classic environment. It will give warmth to uncluttered furnishings or soften the rustic character of a Scandinavian or country house. The wallpaper can also become an unusual headboard. You only need to lay a few strips behind the bed and frame them with wood to give a different look to your bedroom. If you live in a small flat, you can define your living space by hanging nature wallpaper and create an office corner or a reading corner. For a library, a waiting room or an office, we suggest you to choose wallpaper as original as the botanical wooden planks.